UU Men’s Retreat Event

UU Men’s Retreat Event


We are excited to announce a Virtual Retreat Event for Sat. Feb. 20th at 1pm.  Rethinking Buddhist Practice for the Modern Man, hosted by Terry Kinsey. 

We will discuss what traditionally are called the “3 Marks of Existence” and “4 Noble Truths” (secular Buddhists tend to say the 4-fold task/assignment). These two concepts can lead to a life-style reorientation, that encourages us to live our basic values more skillfully.  3 short talks (8-10 min.) followed by practice (10 min.) and then discussion in break out groups (15-20 min.) Then a very short (5 min.) closing.  2 hours total.  Free.

 TO REGISTER- GET LINK:  Send name & e-mail address to markeric-j@hotmail.com or mensretreat@unitytemple.org

Your retreat committee: Mark Johansen, Rich Pokorny, Gerry Messler, Colin Kirchner, Alan Johnson & Ron Dubreuil.

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