April Board Update

In Attendance : Tom Lesiewicz, Kevin Sweeney, Erica Lavine, Steve Stultz , Elizabeth Olson, Jamie Yucuis, Rev. Leland

New Business

Minister’s Report

We discussed the minister’s involvement in the UUMUA / 5th Principle Project.

Review Music Director Job Description

Kevin moved to accept the job description and offer letter, Jamie seconded. It was unanimously approved.

ET recommendations for reopening

The Board reviewed the recommendations from the Executive Team. We will discuss further at our next meeting on May 4.

Direction for the Search Team

Tom will look into previous documents to formally charge the Search Team with their mission, and write up an initial draft.

Finishing Minister’s review

The Board will finish this in our working session on May 4, and have it on the agenda to approve on May 19.

Inquiry to purchase the cell Tower

Tom will call the interested party for more information.

Leadership Development Committee

Kevin gave an update on the committee’s activities.

Ongoing Business

Budget discussion

Kevin moved to allow Jamie to apply for PPP loan on behalf of the congregation. Steve seconded, and it was unanimously approved.

Material changes to the draft budget need to be sent to Jamie by April 28th.

We discussed the procedure (adding a line item to the Annual Meeting agenda) to dissolve the capital expenditure fund to allow the church to use the money to balance the budget for the upcoming church year, with the commitment that any unused funds would be put back.

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