March Board Update

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Financial Committee meeting notes reviewed. Summary of Actual vs. Budget reviewed. Pledge income has caught up with budgeted amount as of February reporting. Projections at the moment show that we could have a surplus on the current year budget, but this is based on rolling over a surplus from the prior

Discussion of staff wages and recommendations from the FC. We should aim to provide COLA raises and target an increase in the Music Director’s salary along with pension contributions. We should plan to start the childcare program again in mid-August and for the hiring of an RE Coordinator.

The Board appointed Kevin Sweeney as Financial Secretary effective July 1st, 2021. This is a three-year term replacing Joe Masonick, who has indicated he would prefer not to continue in this role. The Board thanks Joe for his years of service in this role (as well as others). Joe will work with Kevin to transition responsibilities.

Leadership Development

The Leadership Development Committee needs some prodding to finish up work and nominations. Kevin will focus on this.

Search Committee

The search committee membership announcement is outstanding. We will plan to have a Board member announce the members at service this coming Sunday.


Some BoT members still need to sign the Illinois corporate filing paperwork. It is available in the President’s mailbox.

Minister’s Report

The Minister presented his report, and a short discussion on “Widening the Circle” which is a recent report from the UUA.

The Board will next meet on March 30th for a working session.

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