UUCE Childcare Update

During the church closure we have been busy updating the childcare room. The walls were freshly painted. The old carpeting was replaced with an easy to clean and sanitize attractive flooring. About 80% of the old toys were removed and donated. The closet was cleaned out and organized. The little bathroom was painted and reorganized and is ready for use. We are creating a new system to keep our childcare room as clean, safe, and comfortable as possible for the youngest in our community.

This has been a labor of love for me. I want to thank Mike Moutrie for staining the new trim and working with the installer, Kathy Hislip for making safety and sorting recommendations, and Ann Kremer for spending an afternoon with me helping to sort and organize the room. Ann is an early childcare specialist for the state of Illinois, and we are incredibly lucky to have her help along with multitalented Mike and retired schoolteacher Kathy.

I think the room turned out lovely. It is calming yet fun, lots of room for play and is eagerly awaiting the return of the children.

Mila Brinker, Interim Administrator

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