UUCE is on Facebook?

Did you know that UUCE has two completely different areas on Facebook?

UUCE Facebook Page

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Elgin has a Facebook page, which is the public face of our organization. This is where staff and volunteers post information geared toward visitors, potential members, and our wider Elgin community. Each week, the Worship Team posts an event for the upcoming Sunday’s service in an effort to keep our services welcoming and available to the public while we meet online.

UUCE Member Facebook Group

The UUCE Member Facebook Group is a group exclusively for church members. It’s private, but you can request to join if you’re interested in participating.

This group was formed because several years ago, the church’s email server went down and there was no way to get church information out. A member created this Facebook group with the blessing of the minister at the time to fill the void. It continues on as a source of community connection for all interested members.

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