Very Important Request from ET

Very Important Request from ET

Dear Members and Friends of UUCE:

As part of our shared ministry at UUCE, we value a healthy and active religious education program. We, on the Executive Team, believe that the vitality of our RE Program is crucial to our success as a religious community. We hope you share that perspective!

We are currently involved in a search for a new Religious Education Coordinator. Our goal is to have someone in that role for the upcoming church year.

The formation of a Religious Education Team would be greatly helpful in support of a new RE Coordinator and the success of the program.

Would you consider joining the RE Team? Perhaps you have children in the RE program. Whether parent or not, perhaps you are someone who is keen to help educate our young people. This is a wonderful opportunity contribute to the growth of our beloved community!

For more info or to volunteer, please reach out to the Executive Team at

in faith and friendship,

Steve Askins

The Executive Team

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