Warmup for the Next Round of a 21-day Challenge for Racial Justice

Warmup for the Next Round of a 21-day Challenge for Racial Justice

Our Service this coming Sunday will address the BLM (Black Lives Matter) movement, and BLUU (Black Lives UU), and Antifa (the loosely organized anti-fascist assemblage).  This is the first of 3 or 4 services that will address racial justice, and U.S. history.  February is Black History Month, and I hope many of you are taking advantage of it. I personally have fallen behind in this area.  I have only watched the first segment of the excellent The Black Church, hosted by Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr.  We may have thought we knew about the importance of the Black Church, but it is probably much deeper, beautiful, and exciting than any of us imagined.  I also saw this week One Night in Miami, which provides a fictional superstar gathering of four of the most important black men of the 1960s:  Mahammad Ail, just as he was changing his name from Cassius Clay, and Jim Brown, the great Browns fullback, and Sam Cooke, the sweet-voiced singer, and Malcom X of the Nation of Islam.  Check your listings.  There are many black folk special shows and series happening right now.  It is a perfect warmup for any of you interested in the next round of a 21-day Challenge for Racial Justice. 

I received my Pfizer vaccination first of two at Advocate Sherman Hospital. I did not realize till after it happened how much I wanted that protection.  It seems that the quickest way to get yours, is to contact a hospital that you have used, and just ask.  I found the security is not particularly tight, and the lines are not long.  If you do not have your own hospital, contact your doctor, and/or CVS, and/or Walgreens.  It is not a bad idea to get your name in with your County and/or State Health Department.  In other words, do not rely on just one queue.

Rev. Leland Bond-Upson

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