We Are Called to Help Those Affected by Hurricane Ian

We Are Called to Help Those Affected by Hurricane Ian

UU World Magazine

STAFF WRITER  9/30/2022

A couple survey hurricane damage

Hurricane Ian was over southwest Florida for only a matter of hours, but the recovery will take days, weeks, months, and maybe longer. Because of climate change, disasters have been impacting our congregations and their communities with increasing rapidity.

AP News reported:

From trees getting ripped out of the ground to signs being ripped apart, traffic lights crashing onto roadways and some buildings simply being destroyed, the impact was everywhere and almost nothing was spared. The only difference between one place and the next was the severity of the problems.

Your donation to the UUA Disaster Relief Fund allows the UUA to respond flexibly on your behalf to tragedies that overtake us. Contributions from UU congregations are the single largest source of funds to the UUA Disaster Relief Fund, followed by gifts from individuals.

Read more…https://www.uuworld.org/articles/hurricane-ian-assistance

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  1. Kay Kummerow

    Hurricane Ian was over Volusia County (east coast of Florida; Daytona Beach area) with TWO DAYS of 22.9″ of non-stop rain and sideways wind directly at our condo windows. My 6th floor condo had wet carpets and puddles of water. East Coast Sanibel Island had a 15 ft. storm surge of water. The Island did not survive.

    • Church Administrator Author

      I’m so glad you had minimal damage and water Kay, I’m so sad about Sanibel Island and so much more of the East Coast of Florida. Those poor people who have lost their homes and apartments. It’s devastating.

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