Welcome to the New Website

Welcome to the New Website

Hello UUCE community! Welcome to our brand new website. Read on to learn more about how we built the website and who was involved, or skip to the walkthrough to learn more about how to navigate our site.

How We Got Here

As you may already know, UUCE leadership has been working since Fall 2019 to improve our website, with the goal of improving the experience for current members as well as brand new visitors. In Spring of 2020, it became clear that the website format we were using was holding us back from being everything we could be. With the shut-down and move to online services, we decided to make the change to something new that would be able to serve us for years to come.

Website Taskforce

The Website Taskforce was formed to undertake the monumental task of building a new website. We have been meeting monthly since July and working tirelessly to create a website that’s modern and engaging, while still easy to use. Although the new website is officially live, it will probably continue to change and grow in the coming months and years to reflect the change and growth inherent to any community.

Before we go any further, let’s take a moment to congratulate the volunteers who did the work of testing features, making decisions, writing content, finding pictures, and everything else that goes into creating a beautiful, functioning website!

  • Mila Brinker
  • Beth Cooper-Zobott
  • Stephen Day
  • Sharon Fincher
  • Erica Lavine
  • Mike Moutrie
  • Chelsea Musson
  • Kevin Sweeney
  • Todd Underwood

Thank you for all your hard work!

UUCE.org Walkthrough

We’ve created a guide to show you around the website, but if you’d like to explore on your own, go ahead!

While you’re looking through the site, keep in mind that on any page, you can click on the logo in the top left hand corner to get back to the Home page.

Look in the upper left hand for this logo. It’ll take you to the home page no matter where you are

The Homepage

Our Homepage is a springboard to other places on our website. Before you go exploring our navigation menu, try scrolling down the whole Homepage to find what you’re looking for!

Most important about our homepage: you can join our Zoom services right from the button up top!

Scroll down a little farther and you’ll find 6 boxes with previews of different pages on our website. Make sure to click on the “Help Out” box! That’ll take you to our active Justice Projects like PADS Lunches.

There are a few more things to find on the home page. Why not check it out?

Main Menu

The menu at the top of our website is also a great way to get around our site!

  • About has all the pages that’ll teach visitors about UUCE: our leadership, our history, what we believe, and more.
  • Worship has an archive of services, our upcoming service schedule, and our religious education pages.
  • Events has the calendar and all our upcoming events!
  • Blog has all of our announcements, and the posts that make up our newsletter each week.
  • Visit Us has everything a new visitor would need to know before coming to a service.


A footer lives at the bottom of every single page on our website! Ours has a map to our location on it, and four links that don’t live in our main menu. If you want to quickly get to our contact page, send a donation, learn about our groups, or learn about our music program, those links will be at the bottom of every page.

Have any questions?

If you have any questions, or want to give feedback, send it along to the IT Team.

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  1. Heike Spayne

    The new website looks fantastic! Thank you for all the hard work you did to make this happen! The site is easy to navigate and I love the contents.
    Thank you!

  2. Ruth Durkin

    WOW! This is wonderful! Thank you to each of you who worked to create this new website. It is easy to navigate and information is provided in a clear and understandable way.

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