You’re Invited to an Open House on Fundraising and a Minister – THIS Sunday! 

You’re Invited to an Open House on Fundraising and a Minister – THIS Sunday! 

The Board of Trustees is inviting you to a Fundraising/Part-Time Minister Open House on Sunday, January 21 (yes, NEXT Sunday) from 12noon – 1:30pm in the Sanctuary. This session will build on the open house we held in September and bring new information for consideration and discussion.  

Who is Invited? 

Everyone with a stake in the future and financial health of UUCE.   

What Will We Talk About?  

In a nutshell, we will discuss our current income levels, the income needed to support the hiring of a minister, and creating our future income to align with how we want to spend it.  

After our last fundraising brainstorming session, the Board of Trustees continued to evaluate ideas you all presented. We also heard that some of you want a minster to be a part of UUCE in some capacity. As a result, we worked with the UUA and developed some preliminary income/expense numbers needed to support a ¼, ½, or full-time minister.  

As you likely remember, UUCE doesn’t have a spending problem – we have an income problem. The numbers needed to support a minister may seem like a lot based on our current income, but if we’re going to achieve higher income, there’s no doubt we will do it together!   

How Can I Help? 

Please come to the open house with an open mind and fundraising ideas. Ideas can include (but are not limited to) grants, scholarships, community fundraising, increasing membership, and more. Additionally, bring a willingness to pitch in because carrying out these ideas will take a lot of human resources!  

We all have passion for our community, love for one another, love for our staff, and see the potential in how UUCE can continue to be a part of the community, our spiritual paths, and in raising our children. If you have any questions before the open house (or anytime), please reach out to  

Thank you, and we hope to see you all on Sunday, January 21! 

In service, 

Krista (on behalf of the Board of Trustees)   

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