YWCA of Elgin

This month’s Share the Plate recipient is:

YWCA of Elgin

YWCA of Elgin serves low-income, at-risk youth and families from diverse backgrounds. All the families YWCA serves are grappling with the uncertainty of how COVID-19 will continue to haunt our community. Their number one priority is surviving until there is an effective vaccine for all. Having cancelled all their live fundraising events, YWCA of Elgin is relying on friends to fill the gap. Our Share the Plate donations will help them pay for food, utilities, diapers, and much more.

“We are so grateful for the help from those who give at UUCE. Thank you.”

YWCA of Elgin

Visit YWCA of Elgin’s website to learn more about their organization, and how to support their mission.

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