Upcoming Services

Upcoming Services

October 2, 2022

An Inescapable Network of Mutuality

By Elizabeth Olson

Like family, we may not have chosen to join the network of all life on earth, but we are inextricably bound to it. Whoever believes they will win any one of the many battles being fought with perceived enemies is misguided. Protecting the welfare of all life on earth by living our values and making consequent choices is our chosen path.

(The youth will have Religious Exploration during the service today.)

October 9, 2022

The Other Side of the Pond – a service for Indigenous Peoples’ Day

By Diana Heizer

Every year as October 12 approaches, there is a certain sense of dread that can be felt in indigenous communities in the Americas,” writes Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, a historian, writer, and co-founder of the Indigenous World Association, which lobbies the United Nations on behalf of indigenous peoples’ rights. Why? Why would this nation rooted in the principles of justice for each and liberty for all not affirm in our own time a declaration of human rights on behalf of the earliest residents of this land? We will explore some thoughts and history surrounding this controversial “holiday

(The youth will remain in the sanctuary during the service today.)