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Upcoming Services

January 23, 2022

On the Morals of the Satanic Temple

by Paul Higgenbotham

Social media has been full of stories about the Satanic Temple challenging conservative trends in the government. But what do we know about the Temple? Who makes up their chapters? How did this all get started? What is their agenda? And the biggest question of all: Do they worship Satan?

January 30, 2022

The Power of Chaos and Non-Compliance in a Covid World

by Elizabeth Olson

It’s all very well to serve the “greater good,” but what about me?   Fear is compounded by constantly changing scientific information; the desire for autonomy merges oddly with the need to belong; present challenges are more real than projected positive outcomes.  And finally:  You Can’t Make Me!!

February 6, 2022

Revitalization Update

by the Revitalization Team

An update from the team working to foster enthusiasm and excitement as we forge a new path as a lay-led congregation.