Religious Education

Religious Education

At UUCE, we’re committed to providing opportunities that will make religious growth and learning a lifelong process. Our 4th Principle encourages everyone to search for their own truth and meaning, and this is a continuous process as we learn and grow throughout our lives.

We offer Religious Education for children and adults, as well as other learning opportunities to help our youth learn and explore responsibly as they grow.

Children’s Religious Ed

UUCE provides Religious Education (RE) for all children depending on their grade level. The beginning of our Sunday Services are attended by both children and adults, and then children are dismissed to their RE classes. Every other week, our Sunday Service will be intergenerational, and children will remain in the service with their parents or guardians. The Children’s Religious Education program is run by our RE Coordinator Susan Goldberg, with the assistance of the RE Team. Learn more about their…

Adult Religious Ed

At UUCE, the Adult Religious Education is a self-directed group of congregants engaging in their spiritual exploration together. Each week brings a new discussion topic, where attendees can express their opinions and learn from others. Upcoming Topic The “ISMs” We are all on a journey to cultural diversity as we try our best to avoid the ‘ISMs”: racism, sexism, elitism, genderism, and others. But even well-intentioned people make mistakes in negotiating the new and ever changing landscape. How can we…

Our Whole Lives (OWL)

Our Whole Lives (OWL) is a comprehensive sexuality education program that we run for grades 7-9 roughly every other year, depending on the number of eligible attendees. OWL focuses on helping participants make informed and responsible decisions about their sexual health and behavior as they age. Our program primarily runs on weekends, through a series of overnight lock-ins. The events are chaperoned by participating children’s parents, and run by trained OWL facilitators in our congregation and community. Some segments are…